About TeleMedCare

TeleMedCare is an Australian company, our head office is in Sydney; with partner offices all over the world.

TeleMedCare’s initial technology was developed at the University of New South Wales. Since then we have strived to develop the most up to date and user-focused solutions in telehealth. Our monitoring devices and consultation solutions are used by people every day and night all over the world.

We are proud of our history and our commitment to improving the lives of every day people through use of telehealth technology.

To learn more about how we can partner with your organisation to build a stronger tomorrow and a healthier population, contact us today.


TeleMedCare Pty Ltd

Phone: (+61) (0)2 9313 8136
Fax: (+61) (0) 2 9313 8564

Email: info@telemedcare.com.au

Suite 7, Level 2
56 Church Ave
Mascot NSW 2020