Portable. Cost Effective. Proven.

TeleMedCare delivers a range of mobile health monitoring solutions to suit your needs. The mobile health monitor suite uses a specific range of modern tablet devices and provides options which are ideal for community nursing services with a multitude of patients or for individual use in patient’s homes.

The TeleMedCare mobile health monitor range is designed for portability and ease of storage. Our tablet-based monitors are easy to carry, easy to store and use small, wireless peripheral measurement devices with exceptional battery life.

Our mobile health monitor range can be configured to connect via Ethernet, Wi-Fi,  3G, or 4G mobile connections for instant uploading of results to your online health portal.

The secure online health portal allows health professionals involved in the care of the patient to view to these measurements from anywhere there is an internet connection.


Accessories and functions


Body temperature

Blood Pressure

Pulse Oximetry

Blood Glucose


Health and lifestyle surveys

Health diary