TeleMedCare monitoring solutions
for patients at home

TeleMedCare delivers telehealth solutions throughout the community which support healthcare professionals to enhance care provision and improve the quality of life of patients.

TeleMedCare solutions allow patients to take a range of clinical measurements in their own home.  Health professionals can remotely access results through a secure and reliable online health information portal.

TeleMedCare health monitors can alert clinicians to deterioration in patient health and guide clinicians through diagnosis and assist in the clinical decision making process.

Our award winning range of clinical health monitors can be configured to connect to either cabled or wireless dial-up, ADSL, NBN, 3G or satellite internet connections to allow results to be viewed immediately by clinicians.

The TeleMedCare health monitor is designed for ease of use in the patient home, whilst providing robust and accurate clinical measurements to the health care team.


Accessories and functions


Body temperature

Blood Pressure

Pulse Oximetry

Blood Glucose



Health and lifestyle surveys

Health diary