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TMC Health Monitor

A multifunctional system for diagnosis and analysis

TeleMedCare delivers telehealth solutions throughout the community and in healthcare facilities which support health professionals to enhance care provision and improve the quality of life of patients.

The TeleMedCare health monitor can be configured to allow patients to take a range of clinical measurements in their own home, or for use with multiple patients, which is ideal for health care facilities.

TeleMedCare can provide you with up-to-date health information of for patients without having to incur additional labour and time costs.

With additional features including ECG, blood pressure and peripheral oxygen saturation waveform analysis, medication management functions, intuitive diagnosis support functionality and individual patient medical history management; the TMC health monitor range will improve and reform the delivery of health care in your facilities.

TeleMedCare is committed to developing health monitor and remote consultation solutions to suit your needs, to discuss how we can partner with your organisation to improve health outcomes and reduce hospital admissions and costs, contact us.

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