Genius Telehealth Solution
We offer a comprehensive, 360° telemedicine technology ecosystem to manage patients remotely and efficiently, improving patients’ health, results, and self-care. Our telemedicine solution ecosystem is modular. We offer four modules that can be used individually or integrated with each other through our ecosystem.  This ecosystem sets us apart as one of the top telemedicine companies in the U.S.

This includes:

  • Genius Case Devices: A set of medical devices that monitor vital signs, also known as peripherals.
  • Genius Remote Patient Monitoring Platform: A comprehensive cloud-based remote patient monitoring service.
  • Genius Telemedicine Platform: A comprehensive cloud-based software that allows for remote and virtual doctor consultations and interaction management.
  • Genius Mobile Apps Ecosystem: A set of apps allowing immediate access to data and remote care from anywhere for any type of user, including patients, doctors, caregivers, relatives, and more.

Genius RPM
Our Genius Case devices contain FDA Approved and CE Marked vital signs peripherals. They integrate with our innovative proprietary Genius Hub, which has voice and video capture capabilities, in order to monitor vital signs in a user-friendly and secure way.

This includes:

  • RPM Genius Case with HUB (voice & video)
  • RPM Genius Portal
  • RPM Genius Apps

Genius Telecare
Through our Genius Case devices, which exclusively offers advanced telemedicine technology, and through our Genius Portal, it’s never been easier to offer remote care for elderly patients. Our technology is easy to use, both with a smartphone and with a traditional telemedicine device.

This includes:

  • CarePoint App, which can be run on any Mobile smartphone with an android operating system that has touch screen capabilities.
  • A wearable device, with or without fall detection functionality
  • Wearable push button with or without fall detection functionality
  • Voice telecare device
  • Telecare Genius Portal

Genius Telemedicine
This is our cloud-based telemedicine platform that allows for fully remote and virtual doctor consultations. It can be accessed on web or mobile and can connect a patient with over 1,500 doctors and specialists.

This includes:

  • Virtual medical consultation through video, audio, or chat
  • User-friendly experience for multiple groups including doctors, patients, specialists, relatives, and more
  • Immediate virtual consultations or online appointments, with doctors’ calendar integrations for ease of booking
  • More than 1,500 specialists and physicians available
  • Digital medication prescriptions
  • Personal patient medical  records for each individual

This is also one of the best telemedicine platforms for doctors—get closer to your patients online by using our technology.

Get closer to your patients through our technology

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